Enjoy Experiences in Rural Japan

Recommended Plans

Walking Tours

The best way to know much about the town and village is to walk around.

INAKA Experience Walking Tour is guided by the Locals. You can enjoy local stories and sweets with local people. 


Private Taxi Tours

Please have private tours and enjoy exploring INAKA (countryside) at your own pace.

Take a private taxi with your personal English speaking guide (or English speaking driver guide). Chartered buses are also available for large groups.
Please enjoy unique experiences in INAKA efficiently.


The most troublesome part of traveling around the countryside is often local transportation.
INAKA Experience offer you some useful transportation with easy booking method and reasonable price, in cooperation with local taxi companies.

Hiking tours

INAKA (the countryside) is full of nature everywhere. 

INAKA Experience Hiking Tour is a great opportunity to find a scenery, flowers, and small insects you've never seen.
The tours are guided by the locals. 




INAKA (the countryside) is a treasure trove of food.
You can enjoy delicious dishes and local casual food in INAKA.


One of the most attractive things of country, town, or area is the lifestyle.

INAKA Experience offer you the opportunities to experience the life in the countryside in Japan, such as rice harvesting and participating Shinto shrine festivals.



When you stay overnight in the countryside, you will find various attractions of rural Japan, beautiful natures, lifestyle, and warm personality of local people.

What's NEW?

 Japanese Traditional Performance in Tamba Countryside!! Small Drum player Atsushi Ueda performed in Summer Evening.


Date : 25th July 2020, Sat. Started at 7:00pm

Place : LOCASSE Tamba

             67-1, Yuzu, Kasuga-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo 669-4271

Wow!! Sperb view of the rising sun from the Kuroi Castle Ruins in Tamba countryside!!


Let's appreciate superb view at the Kuroi Castle Ruins.

This morning the guests were hiking up to the top of the small mountain of Kuroi Castle Ruins with an English speaking guide. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the rising sun!!

In some cases you might be very lucky to see the sea of clouds!!

The view from the top of the mountain may change depending on the weather and the season.

Let's enjoy sweets making workshop in Tamba countryside!!


There are  rich agricultural products in Tamba countryside.

You can enjoy making tasty sweets using local products such as chestnuts, adzuki red beans, etc. at "Yumenoki".

The World's No.1 Adzuki red beans are produced in Tamba countryside!!


The farmer who lives in Tamba countryside produces the No.1 adzuki red beans of the world. The harvest season is finished now and farmers in Tamba are very busy preparing for shipment.

You can have a tasty local lunch of rich ingredients of adzuki, vegetables, rice, etc.

Autumn leaves are colored red at Byakugouji Buddhist Temple in the second half of November!!


Let's visit there and feel the deep autumn of Japan in the countryside of Tamba.

Japanese Traditional Small Drum Performance in the Autumn Evening in Countryside!!


Date : 6th October 2019, Sun. from 5:30pm to 7pm

Place : LOCASSE Tamba

             67-1, Yuzu, Kasuga-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo


Cosmos are very beautiful now in Kiyozumi village of Tamba countryside.



Place : Kiyozumi, Hikami-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo prefecture



Date : 11th Aug. 2019, Sun. from 10am to 3:30pm

※In the case of bad weather etc., it will be postponed on 25th Aug., Sun.

Place : Tamba Nenrin-no-Sato Park

             102-3, Taji, Kaibara-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo



Harmony of fireflies and Noh drum performance!!


Date : 22th June 2019, Sat. from 6pm to 8pm

Place : LOCASSE Tamba

             67-1, Yuzu, Kasuga-cho, Tamba City, Hyogo




Village of Samurai Memories and History


Village with Beautiful Stars and Mountains


Village of Small Mt. Fuji and Beautiful Valley


Traditional Town of Countryside Tamba


Village of Magnificent Buddha and Beautiful Flowers