Enjoy Experiences in Rural Japan

Recommended Plans

Walking Tours

The best way to know much about the town is to walk around.

INAKA Experience Walking Tour is guided by the Locals. You can enjoy local stories and sweets with local people.


Private Taxi Tours

Please have private tours and enjoy exploring INAKA (countryside) at your own pace.

Take a private taxi with your personal English speaking guide (or English speaking driver guide). Chartered buses are also available for large groups.
Please enjoy unique experiences in INAKA efficiently.


The most troublesome part of traveling around the countryside is often local transportation.
INAKA Experience offer you some useful transportation with easy booking method and reasonable price, in cooperation with local taxi companies.

Hiking tours

INAKA (the countryside) is full of nature everywhere. 

INAKA Experience Hiking Tour is a great opportunity to find a scenery, flowers, and small insects you've never seen.
The tours are guided by the locals. 




INAKA (the countryside) is a treasure trove of food.
You can enjoy delicious dishes and local casual food in INAKA.


One of the most attractive things of country, town, or area is the lifestyle.

INAKA Experience offer you the opportunities to experience the life in the countryside in Japan, such as rice harvesting and participating Shinto shrine festivals.



When you stay overnight in the countryside, you will find various attractions of rural Japan, beautiful natures, lifestyle, and warm personality of local people.