Tari village is located in the northeastern part of Kasuga where Kasuga-no-Tsubone, a prominent female politician of Samurai period, was born.

Surrounded by mountains, it is an area full of nature with countryside views.

In particular, Higaoku Valley, which we are proud of its diverse beauty, has been designated as a Natural Park of Hyogo Prefecture. It has a very rich ecosystem and rare creatures and plants which we can’t find in urban cities.

There are two waterfalls called Men-Taki (Female Waterfall) and On-Taki (Male Waterfall) in the valley, where you can experience an air full of negative ions by staying there.

The water of Higaoku Valley is very transparent, and it is very rare in Japan that the waterfall falls down to a hollow of one rock.

Not only Higaoku Valley, but also a mountain called “Small Mt. Fuji” is very attractive place in Tari. Small Mt. Fuji is not so high for hiking, there is a challengeable mountain path. You can enjoy a panoramic view over the countryside from the summit where can  reach after approximately 30 minutes hiking.

Please come and enjoy nature-rich Tari village!!


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